i) Running standard and your customized reports have been made really simple. Click on Reports on top right corner and you will see Report Filters tab on the right side of the screen.


ii) By default, the report is filtered to show your activities entered in last seven days. You can easily select your own time frame by clicking on the date range. You can also click on shortcuts in date range window for easier selection. All Time will show all your past activities entered in TmTask.


iii) The activity entries are grouped by dates by default. You can also group your entries to see hours spent by employees and projects. Just click on Entries by Date and you can see options to select Entries by Employees and Entries by Projects.


iv) In addition, if you would like to see the summary of your activities in a simple table format to analyze total hours and billable charges then go to same drop-down of Entries by Date and select Date from the drop-down list. You can also see the summary of your activities by week, month, year and all time by simply selecting from the same drop-down list.


v) Also you can customize your reports by tags. You can see the list of all your tags used by you and your team/employees for projects, users and tasks. Simply click on these tags if you want to create your own customized report. Click on the date range for seeing more activities.


vi) You can also sort your activity entries by date, projects, users, hours and amount (billable charges) by clicking on Sort By. Also, you can order them in ascending or descending order by clicking on ?. In addition, you can filter your activities by All, Billable or Non-Billable. You can customize view of your report by clicking on Filter.


vii) If you have already have created a preset filter report then click on Preset on top right corner next to Reports and select your preset to see desired activity entries.


viii) TmTask allows you to save the same report in excel format by simply clicking on xls icon. It saves the report in your Downloads folder (unless any changes made by you on your laptop/desktop to save downloads in a different folder or place).