i) After logging into TmTask, you will see the below Activity page.

No Activity

ii) You can start tracking your activities without worrying about setting up a project, client or users. Enter your activity by adding tags (“+” for a new or existing project, “#” for new or existing tasks and “@” for new or existing users). For example: worked on #development and #testing on +project-awesome with @kelly. Don’t worry about adding any tags in advance. New tags will be added automatically and can be edited in Settings. Click here to learn more about Tags.


iii) Simply enter your time after adding your description along with tags in the activity tracking field. You can either enter hours or put in start and end time as shown below. By default, today’s date is selected. You can always edit your date later.

Enter Time


iv) Once done, click on Save and your task will appear at the bottom.


v) Easily switch between Simple View and Advanced View to enter your tasks. In Advanced View, you have the option of selecting project name from the predefined list. Click here to Add/Manage Projects.

TmTask - Track. Manage. Grow. Safari, Today at 11.27.39 AM


v) You can always edit your description, tags and time by clicking on the activity entry. After editing, click on ✔️ to save your entry.


vi) If you want to mark your activity billable then just click on greyed?of your added activity entry and it will mark it as billable. Just click on ?one more time to make it non-billable. By default, an activity added with a project tag will be marked as billable. If you want to make it non-billable then just click on ?to make it non-billable.


viii) If you entered your activity by mistake or wants to delete it, simply click on trash icon and it will be deleted from your records.

TmTask - Track. Manage. Grow. Safari, Today at 11.34.14 AM


ix) TmTask allows your to filter your activities by projects (+), users (@), hours and billable amount by clicking on Filter tab. Click here to learn more about billable vs non-billable hours.  You can also easily filter billable and non-billable activities by just one click. By default, All is selected.

TmTask - Track. Manage. Grow. Safari, Today at 11.36.26 AM


x) You can easily filter your dates to see historical activities by clicking on date filter on the right side. Select your date range or choose our shortcuts for easy viewing.


xi) Activities can be easily sorted by date, projects, hours and users. Simply click on Sort By to select your field and click on ? to view in ascending or descending order.