i) You can easily preset your filters for desired tags to quickly view your activities without worrying about selecting your filters all the time. In addition, you can also setup preset filter report to be sent to your inbox daily.


ii) Click on Reports on top right corner of your screen and you will Report Filters tab on the right. Click on your tags to filter from the list of employees, projects, tasks and users. If you are unable to find then click onĀ ? to find your desired tags. As you select your tags, you will see the respected activity entries in the Activity screen. Use Date Range if unable to see all the activity entries.


iii) Once you have selected your tags, click on Save this filter on bottom right corner of your screen.


iv) Provide a name for a new presetĀ and also select time frame of your preset filter report. You have the option to run preset filter report to see your activity entries by daily, weekly, monthly or all of them. You can also customize your date range. Click on Save to add your preset filter report.


v) To send preset filter report (excel file) to your email, click on your name on top right corner of the screen and go to Preset. Check to send your preset thru email or uncheck if you would no longer want to see in your inbox.


vi) If you want to delete your preset filter then click on trash icon and it will be deleted from the preset filter list.