i) Please make sure you have Supervisor Settings to access Employee Settings. Managing your employee settings has been beautifully designed in a simple way to let you not worry about permissions, hourly/billable rates and contacts in different places. You can control and edit all your employee settings at one place by going into Settings and click on Employee.


ii) You will see the names of all your employees, including you, who have access to TmTask. You can also deactivate employee with a single click if you don’t want him or her to login into TmTask going forward.


iii) You can manage employee permissions by clicking on Permissions of the desired user. Click here to learn more about Permissions.


iv) Select the user to add/manage details including your info. You can edit name, phone number and email.


v) You can also add hourly rate to calculate activity rates for billable hours. Hourly rate can also be managed within your date range. For example: Let’s say you usually charge $50 per hour but due to a high demand during peak season, you want to increase your hourly rate to $75. Just click on Add Hourly Rate and enter your hourly rate and select the start date. Once done, click on Recalculate Activity Rates and then on Save to add your details.