i) Although adding a project to your activity is optional, we recommend you to categorize your tasks by adding a project (personal/professional) to your entry. Adding a new project has been made really simple in TmTask without worrying about adding additional details while creating a project. You can add a project with just one click. In Simple View, you can add a project by entering “+” and it shows the list of all frequently used projects in the drop-down list. You can either type your project name or select from the drop-down list.


ii) If you want to create a new project then simply type your project name after entering “+”. For example: +weight-loss


iii) You can also create a project from Project Settings. Click on your name on the top right corner of the activity screen and select Projects. You can add a new project by clicking on Add New. Note: Leaving space in name of the project will be considered as hyphen (-).


iv) In Project Settings, you can add multiple projects in the same line separated by commas. Once done, click on Add to save your new projects.